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Seaber Turner Magazine Printing
We utilize state-of-the-art 4/4 perfecting sheet fed presses for short run magazines. This enables magazine and periodical publishers to successfully put out as little as 500 copies up to 10,000 copies as conveniently as the publisher who takes advantage of the web presses with press runs from 15,000 to 500,000 magazines. We are an ideal vendor for in-line direct mailing and complete fulfillment services. We can offer you a 10% postage savings by co-mailing your publication with others on runs over 15,000. For High Quality Printing, Professional Customer Service Second to None, and Competitive Low prices, talk with us today.

For those of you who publish 1/1 Black Ink publications we service the heck out of you and are a tremendous vendor source for you. Your publications print on 2/C presses with the capability of printing two sides in one pass through the press. Let us help jazz your cover up and you are all set.

For all publications we have the capabilities of UV coating or plastic laminating covers and or foil stamping. Saddle stitched or perfect bound in-house bindery equipment helps us control your schedule.